Student Life


In MLS our valued students are exposed to various learning opportunities to enhance their life soft skills in addition to enriching their academic knowledge.


Through state-of-the-art ICT and STEM labs, students are taught to explore, build, and create.  A strong STEM curriculum provides hands-on experience that empowers students to engage in high-level problem-solving, design and creating a solution, develop their critical thinking skills through testing, and iterating.


Science sessions delivered in the Laboratory serve to develop scientific reasoning abilities and research skills, increase student understanding of complex empirical work, while developing their practical skills


Our spacious outdoor facilities create a wonderful opportunity to practice various sports whether during break time and through skills based enjoyable PE sessions.


In MLS students are very fond of drama performances.  Various performances are conducted throughout the academic year in different languages; Arabic, English or even French and German. This encourages children to explore their emotions, master anxiety, expand their imagination, and help them to develop their own, unique voice and build up their self-confidence.


Our Student Support Teams (SST) deliver academic assistance and support to students through individualized academic programs to cater for diversified students’ abilities, thus maximizing learning deliverables.


Creating Student Councilsgives students the opportunity to foster skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, and public speaking.  Student councils' elections are held at the beginning of the academic year and assist in delivering students’ voice to the school.


Co- Curricular & Extracurricular Activities provide a productive break from study, co-curricular and extracurricular activities serve as a great support to the regular curriculum.   Students are provided with a double session on a weekly basis and are free to select the activity they desire through a wide selection of carefully planned activities.


School Field and Fun Trips are a delight that our students crave throughout their educational experience.  Planned field trips in alignment with each age groups’ curriculum content help foster learning experiences and switch theoretical inputs into real life applications. Fun trips help in creating bonds between students and each other as well as their teachers in a joyful environment, thus unleashing positive discipline styles.


Making fun and memorable connections to the real world, young children are encouraged to explore an array of occupations.  Career day for senior students involves participation in events, on-job training, attending college career fairs and connecting with community leaders, where presenters serve as role models or mentors for the students. 


Exhibitions and Science Fairs allow students to work together in groups and learn from each other, sharing ideas and collectively galvanize those ideas to implement innovative projects.  Art exhibitions and science fairs provide a platform for students to use their knowledge, skills, and talents to present their creativity live.  Students will promote their interests among younger generations and inculcate a sense of pride in their talents as they prepare to present their projects in public


Volunteering to create change and participating in random acts of kindness motivate students to define a purpose, allow them to be independent, empathize with others, led by example, recognize their efforts and positive impact on society.Charity work such as hospitals and elderly homes visits, collecting donations and delivering to those in need, are regularly practiced throughout the year at MLS


While academic competitions establish solid work ethics that value practice and reward determination, competitions and tournaments manifest sportsmanship and teach students accountability, dedication, leadership, and other skills that may not be seen within a traditional classroom project.  Local and International competitions allow students to develop their skills and talents as global citizens. 


Finally, school awarding and recognition as students are encouraged to reach their full potential through a range of positive reinforcing Awards, certificates, scholarships, and merit points.  A wide variety of rewards are presented to compliment students on academic goals, skills, and talents achievements.  Jewels of Kindness, Outstanding Stars, GEMS Award and Certificates of Appreciation are a few of our best honor tokens.