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Madinaty Language School

School Profile

We are a newly opened school aspired to serve Madinaty and the surrounding area youngsters with the education that not only enhances their learning abilities but also teaches them the importance of having the social skills required to be productive and responsible global citizens. The school is located in the center of the new metropolitan region called Madinaty, on an area of 30.000m2, surrounded by sports courts and vast green areas.

There are 70 specious, air-conditioned, and well -equipped classrooms, a library, 3 computer labs, art rooms, science labs, a pottery room and a gymnasium, to facilitate the 21st. Century learning processes.

We are relatively a new school, established in 2013 as a language school, accredited by the Ministry of Education, providing the ThanawiyaAmm Diploma. The English language is the tutorial language for Math and Science, and students can choose French or German as the second language.

We are committed to providing a positive atmosphere where pupils get on well together; enjoy learning and a wide range of extra-curricular activities that promote their curiosity and creativity.

We plan to achieve that goal by providing a caring environment where children feel safe and encouraged to thrive.

Our staff is engaged in the ongoing professional development, not only learning the latest trends in class management, soft skills, Cooperative learning methodology, but also how to apply the Multiple Intelligence Concept in their lessons preparations.

Utilizing the interactive boards and modern technology in their lessons presentations is essential.

We are academically selective, and follow an enhanced form of the English Curriculum, which has an excellent reputation worldwide, integrating the Multiple Intelligence approach in each and every lesson as well as Interactive board compatible.

We place equal importance on sports and physical fitness. Tournaments and fun sports days take place on a regular basis. We believe in the benefits of competitive sports where students play to win and give their all, but also learn to accept defeat with dignity and respect appropriate for our student.


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