Thursday, January 17, 2019

Madinaty Language School

Principal's Letter

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome all new families to Madinaty Language School, and welcome back the families who have been part of the MLS community. I hope you had a fun filled summer. As usual the summer went by much too fast and we are back in full power and ready to start a thrilling, new academic year.

MLS staff was busy throughout the summer working on syllabus development and preparing material for the " Flipped Classroom", the new concept of teaching, that will be applied in full starting from G2up.

Our superintendent staff did a fabulous job getting the building clean and moving classrooms around, since our enrollment number became much higher than anticipated.

We are very excited to have many new, highly professional teachers, welcome on board. I would particularly like to welcome Mrs. Siham, our new Secondary stage DS.

Our goal is to work in partnership with home, school and community to model and promote respectful, safe and caring environment.

Our mission is to educate and challenge all our students in a safe and positive environment,and nurture their Modesty, Leadership and Self-esteem traits.

We have to model and teach the habits of effective learners; our goal this year is for all our students to model the motto:
"Keep it in your mind: Be respectful, safe and kind"

I am proud of our schools' gifted and resourceful staff members whose priority is our students' well-fair. In order to present effective instructions, MLS staff spent long hours attending and presenting workshops and learning the most effective and recent methodologies for teaching and learning. Many of our staff members took an Educational Diploma and quite a few are finishing their Master Degrees in their field of teaching.

A group of Primary stage English staff attended a workshop in Athens-Greece presented by theauthorsof the Full Blast serial on Multiple Intelligences and Diverse Learning styles.

And last but not least, I would like to remind you that TMG education gives every year a scholarship to one graduate of the G6 and two graduates of the G8, with the final total above 99%, for the British School.

Wish us all a prosperous academic year.

Lilian Abdel Azim,
School Principal


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