Thursday, January 17, 2019

Madinaty Language School

About Us


Our Mission is to educate and challenge all our students in a safe and positive environment and nurture their Modesty, LEADERSHIP and SELF-ESTEEM traits.


We will provide stimulating classroom environment, using the best of technology to help students learn.

We will work hard to help every child reach his / her academic potential and challenge students of all ability levels to achieve their best so as to be ready to take their place as respected citizens in both work and life.


Madinaty Language School aims to create a school which challenges children and has high expectations for their success. The school intends toachieve this goal by using teaching which allows for the differences between children and matches the challenge through the potential of every child.

The school is safe, orderly, caring and supportive and encourages positive relations between children and staff to support the development of the children's confidence and self-esteem.

We believe that children, parents, teachers and staff are all members of our learning community, and we all have a valuable role to playin helping our children to become competent individuals.


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