Thursday, January 17, 2019

Madinaty Language School

Primary Stage Division Supervisor

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you all and express my deep pleasure to be a new member in your reputable educational institute. I am Mai Ali (DS for the Primary Stage). I have 20 years of experience in the educational field; I started as a teacher of English in both the National/ British sections and as a trainer for the novice teachers. The last 5 years I was the Head of the Primary Stage in The Egyptian British International School (EBIS).

Throughout my professional career, it has always been one motto that drives my actions and governs my beliefs; WE DO NOT TEACH MINDS, BUT ALSO BUILD CHARACTERS. Every child has the full potential to develop and improve as we are all intelligent, but in different ways and it is our mission to find out the best of them and instill in our learners the love of learning and the strength of never giving up.

Our aim is to create self-confident learners who can think critically and solve problems to the best of their capabilities. We are preparing today's learners to be tomorrow's leaders, who can open the door of the future, not waiting for the door to get opened. I hope that we would be able to put a step forward in the lives of our learners and always remain as effective and memorable educators in our students' minds and souls as we can. Wish you all a fruitful and successful year.

Best Regards,
Mai Ali


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